Pierce College Students

Community Engagement

Educational Hikes

Joey leading hike with Issaquah Alps Trail Club
Photo: Tom Anderson

We would love to get out in a park with you or a group. Contact us to schedule an educational hike or walk. Interested in adding extra purpose to the activity? Ask us about opportunities to engaging your group in citizen science.

Presentations and Guest Lectures

Joey Panelist Climate Science on Tap

Contact us if you’re looking for a speaker at any event. We are prepared to engage learners in presentations and discussions about urban forest health, climate change, urban tree equity, and more.

Citizen Science

J & F with samples

Check out our citizen science page to find ongoing program and project opportunities!

Student Opportunities

Green River College Students

Looking for an internship, capstone or independent research project? Contact us to discuss some ideas.

Educator Partnerships

Faculty at Pierce College

Interested in partnering to co-design and deliver educational activities? We enjoy engaging with students and can share about our research pretty much anywhere, in the classroom, virutally, or somewhere outside. We also have a few citizen science projects that we can shape for student engagement.

Interested in working and learning with us more closely? We would be thrilled to host an educator as a Murdock Charitable Trust Partner in Science.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the opportunities.